Decor Tip: Adding Age

It can be really difficult to give the houses of today age and charm (without a full remodel).  Houses just aren't built the way they used to be, and so many are little more than "cookie cutter."  While this does give you a nice, blank slate it puts an awful lot of pressure on your decor skills!  Here are a few tips if you find yourself looking for a little extra patina. :) 

Tip 1: Corbels and Columns Oh My

The major difference in the houses of today verses the houses of yesteryear?  A complete lack of frivolity!  Add some character and charm with corbels (that's those little triangular bits in the corners of archways) and columns wherever you can.  It's those little architectural details that lend so much to "patina" to a newer build.  PRO TIP: No handy archways?  Corbels can be used under floating shelves, underneath eating bars, and even under cabinetry to add an aged look.  They also make great bookends! 

Tip 2: Salvage It

One of my favoritest pairs of words in the English language...Architectural Salvage.  So cool!  I love things that are worn, chippy, aged and covered in a well-earned patina.  If you can, use salvaged wood to replace trim and even cover walls.  You can find materials to work with at Habitat for Humanity's ReStores, Facebook Marketplace and even by asking people who are remodeling old homes.  PRO TIP: You can also age furniture pieces by adding salvaged trim and boards, or top existing cabinetry with extra wood pieces! 

Tip 3: Salvaged Decor

Antique and salvaged items make KILLER decor pieces.  Great items to look for are candlesticks, blocks to use as risers, fragments of statuary, scraps of ornate trim and old hardware.  Mix them into the pieces you already have for a great layered look!  PRO TIP: Salvage is currently both trendy and rare.  If you can't find (or budget for) the genuine article, DIY it!  Distressing can make any new piece fit in, and you can also add genuine salvaged trim/hardware onto newer pieces for a hybrid look. 

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