Decor Tip: Awkward Windows

I recently read an article on dealing with awkwardly placed windows, and there were some stellar tips!  So many houses are constructed with the windows set for outdoor optics, with little thought to interior design.  It can be tough working around them (and moving windows just isn't all that easy!).  Here are a few tips if you find yourself working around an awkward window:

Tip 1: Custom Furnishings

It can be impossible to find pre-made furnishings that fit in the space around an awkward window.  Opting for a custom (or semi-custom) design can be a great option.  Awkward windows can be framed by pre-made bookshelves with a custom topper, looking like built-ins, or you can attach custom headboards and even art to work around a weird window.  PRO TIP: Oddly placed windows interrupt the balance of a room.  It helps to stand back (as far as you can) and squint at the whole wall, so everything but the window fades away.  It sounds weird, but this allows you to visually see where the "weight" is off, so you can figure out what to add to create balance.

Tip 2: Integrate It

I've seen so many designers completely work the weirdest windows into a design! The bottom photo below is a classic example - the gorgeous vintage windows in the bathroom, while opaque, provided the only natural light...and consumed the only available wall.  So the designer hung the mirrors in front of the windows.  You still get plenty of natural light, and they frame the floating mirrors beautifully.  PRO TIP: If the awkward window frames a pretty view, you can find a similar art piece to give the impression of a pair of windows.  When it works, it's genius!

Tip 3: Hide It

Sometimes there just isn't any help for it - it's just TOO awkward.  If it isn't the only window, you can hang an art piece over it, or block it off with a room divider or curtain.  PRO TIP: One of the oldest tricks in the book to handle an awkward window is curtains.  You can either hang a faux set to give the impression that the window you have is a pair (just keeping one set closed) or extend the curtains on one side or the other to give the impression the window is larger or centered.

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