Decor Tip: Books in Decor

One of the most enduring decor elements is books.  Using books as decorative pieces as well as structure in displays never seems to go out of style!  I love the look of stacks of books, topped with unique items or giving trays some height.  But choosing which books to use can be tough.  Here are a few tips I've picked up:

Tip 1: Judge by the Cover

When it comes to using books in your decor, it's ALL about the cover!  Look for books that fit your aesthetic in color, pattern, age, or texture.  Fashion books are the current rage, with books by Dior, Chanel, Tom Ford and Vogue leading the pack.  And I can't help but notice most of these are black and white...a SUPER hot color combo for 2022!  PRO TIP: Some of these favorites are pricy titles, coming in upwards of $100 each.  If you want the look on a budget, many popular books are available as decorated boxes at a fraction of the cost.  

Tip 2: Subject Matter

It's always a bonus if the subject matches the decor, too!  Fun choices are books on travel, the ocean for a beach-themed home or dictionaries for people who love to look up words.  I always like to try to theme the books where I can so all the books coordinate (I currently have a vintage globe sitting on a pair of large books - Oceans and History of the World.)  PRO TIP: You can always alter the appearance of the books by removing dustjackets or recovering with paper or fabric.

Tip 3: Toppers

In floristry, we call it "breaking the line of the container."  It's basically allowing certain elements to organically spill over edges to visually soften sharp lines.  It's very popular to do this with beads and decorative chains, and gives those items a weight and presence.  PRO TIP: Books make killer risers.  You can add a stack anywhere to give other items a boost!  I have a pair of candlesticks that I use often, but unfortunately they are the same size.  I currently have one boosted up under a trio of vintage mystery books.  It works beautifully!  Stacks of books work perfectly under trays, too.  

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