Decor Tip: Dated Interiors

So many homes are packed with dated elements, and we can't always afford the gut job remodel we dream of.  Fortunately, I'm a big believer that if you address a few affordable issues, they can make the less affordable items look fresher!  Here are a few tweaks you can try to make your whole home look less dated:
Tip 1: Update the Door Handles
Those cheap gold door handles can really pull a whole room down.  Changing them out with a fresher style isn't terribly difficult!  Handles that are darker brass or (my favorite!) black will instantly make your doors look better.  To really give a more modern vibe, look for lever styles or ones that have a more flat appearance.  Try to find ones that feel heavy in the hand, as they will feel more expensive.  PRO TIP: While you are at it, changing out cabinet hardware can do wonders to update the bathroom and kitchen!
Tip 2: Address your Lamps
I'm told that accordion lamp shades are having a comeback in granny chic and cottage core...but personally I'm still on the fence.  What I do know is changing out your lamp shades can instantly spiff up a whole room!  Look for shades that are square or nearly as wide at the top as the bottom (nothing says "I'm old" faster than a sharply angled shade!). PRO TIP: Thrift stores are loaded with fat urn lamps.  Look past the dated colors and shiny brass to the actual's the same shape as I'm seeing in fancy magazines!  Adding a bit of paint (I like the spray paints with a textured finish) and a fresh, modern shade will give you the look of a pricey lamp!
Tip 3: Ditch the Match
There was a time that matching bedroom, dining and living room furniture suites were all the rage.  Thankfully, that time is past.  Celebrate this mismatch!  Even if replacing isn't in the budget, try swapping pieces between rooms or refinishing smaller pieces.  Breaking up your sets will instantly make the room appear larger.  PRO TIP: Another thing that was popular was matching bedding, including the Bed-in-a-Bag sets where even the curtains matched.  Oy Vey!  Definitely ditch/rework/ swap out what you can.  You'll be amazed at how much fresher your bedroom looks!

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