Decor Tip: Decorating with Trends - On a Budget!

Décor trends come and go; the important thing is choosing which ones to indulge in and enjoy, and which ones to ignore as a passing fancy.  Trends should make sense and never be overly radical, impractical or uncomfortable.  And as with anything, they should fit into your personal style.  (There is little point to having an on-trend home that you don’t actually like.)  Here are a few trends I can see having some staying power:

Trend 1: Metallic Finishes

Using metallic finishes in décor isn’t overly new, but the way they are being mixed and blended makes me think this one will hold.  More than just shiny objects, the metallic finishes today are more nuanced with a wide variety of hues.  We’ll also see a lot more mixing of finishes as opposed to the stricter rules in the past.  No longer do you have to choose between carefully delineated options! PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to play with patina!  Rust and tarnish add a layered look that keeps things from looking too new.  And I’m seeing a lot of ombre finishes – so pretty!

Trend 2: Play with Color

It’s predicted that the colors this coming season will be cheerful yellow, bright melon and fun aquas.  It’s like the ‘60s all over again!  All three of these colors blend beautifully, giving you lots to play with.  PRO TIP: Color is fun, but most aren’t terribly timeless.  The best way to avoid a complete redecorate when the winds shift is to focus color on decorative objects, pillows and throws, rugs, small furniture pieces and artwork. Keep your larger pieces (like the couch!) a more neutral pallet, allowing you to move on from a color combination when needed. 

Trend 3: Dual Purpose Décor

This is so popular right now, and I think it’s just going to continue growing.  Multipurpose items allow you to streamline the items you own, and can often double as décor as well.  Great dual purpose items include trays, furniture with built-in storage, and pieces that serve more than one purpose.  My favorite is charcuterie trays – leaned against your backsplash they double as art!  PRO TIP: Whicker and rattan baskets with lids are awesome for dual purpose décor!  You can fill them with blankets in the living room, towels in the bathroom, or newspapers in the entry.  They add texture and a natural element – it’s a double whammy!

BONUS TIP: When it comes to trends, it’s tempting to buy larger, less expensive items.  But “fast décor” just doesn’t last.  It’s better to buy quality pieces that will stand the test of time, and then style them with fun and trendy smaller pieces.  You’ll have a home that looks effortless and is always on-trend without constantly redecorating!    

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