Decor Tip: Decorative Carts

One of my all-time favorite pieces of furniture is a pretty cart.  I'm a sucker for anything on wheels (I really think ALL furniture should be on wheels!), so I have several carts at home.  Carts are so incredibly useful!  Here are a few ideas if you want to incorporate a cart in your decor:

Tip 1: The Bedside Cart

I LOVE a night stand cart!  Super functional and a great look, carts can be found to match every decor style.  Many are sized perfectly for the necessities; clock, book, water carafe, etc.  PRO TIP: Some sleeping essentials are less than attractive.  A pretty box always looks great on a cart, and tucks things out of sight!  I love to use vintage jewelry boxes myself - they come in such soft, pretty colors.

Tip 2: The Bathroom Cart

Carts are fabulous in the bathroom, holding everything from towels to magazines!  Some bathroom counters don't offer a lot of elbow room as it is, so anything you can shift off onto a cart can be a blessing.  PRO TIP: A cart is a great opportunity for some functional decor.  Lidded jars can hold anything from q-tips to cotton balls, and you can decant liquids like mouthwash and lotion into pretty pump bottles. 

Tip 3: The Kitchen Cart

Beyond the island, carts can be a great option to corral vegetables and cookbooks, charcuterie boards and serveware.  You can also choose ones with a countertop to give some much-needed extra workspace!  PRO TIP: I saw a large kitchen cart recently that was home to a number of small appliances.  The cart had a power-strip mounted on it, so you could plug in the strip and use several small appliances at once like the coffeepot and grinder, toaster, etc.  When done, the whole thing rolled into the large walk-in pantry,  Clever!  I've also seen similar carts that hold an InstantPot with all the accessories.  Carts are just so handy!

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