Decor Tip: Dorm Decor

Dorm rooms can be super tricky to decorate.  They're small, often shared, and rarely come with any exciting architectural features.  But whatever they make lack, it's worth making them into a home; college students spend a lot of time in them!  Here are a few tips to take even the most challenging dorm room from spartan and cluttered to chic and functional:

Tip 1: Think Multipurpose

Famous Food Network star Alton Brown has often said he won't tolerate "unitaskers" in the kitchen; every item needs to serve more than one function.  For dorm rooms, it's the same; in order to justify being included in such a small space, each item needs to serve several purposes.  Fortunately, there are so many options now!  Convertible furniture, folding desks and (my favorite) - shelving that folds into a small table.  PRO TIP: Think portability, too - dorm rooms won't last forever!

Tip 2: Look Vertical

Upper space is often a wasted commodity.  If you can, raise the bed to give storage or living space below, and look for things that can hang on the wall to conserve valuable floor space.  You can stack furniture and hang things from the ceiling, too!  PRO TIP: Unlike a home where you have specific zones that are difficult or costly to change (like kitchen plumbing), dorm rooms are much more flexible.  Look past the obvious ways to organize the space and think outside the box!

Tip 3: Divide and Conquer

Privacy is difficult to accomplish in such a small space, especially when it's shared.  If you can, divide the space with shelving (or even just a curtain!) to make the bed area a little more private and cozy.  Even a partial "wall" can make a huge different (as well as provide some additional wall space).  PRO TIP: A great divider option is stacked wooden crates.  By alternating the direction, you can give both sides much needed storage and display space, while providing a solid or semi-solid barrier.


Although it may seem dorm rooms provide few options for beautification, don't overlook options like removable wallpaper.  Toss in a few bistro or fairy lights and you can make any space look downright cute!

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