Decor Tip: Eclectic Style

I mentioned eclectic style on my social media this past week, and got several comments.  I think most of us can identify with eclectic style in some small way, and it's currently very popular.  I love studying decor trends, and I've noticed whenever a super-popular style is either coming on or fading out, there is this "middle ground" that is very eclectic.  I think we are definitely seeing that with the Farmhouse style; it's fading (sorry, Shiplap Queens) and as something new comes into focus, we'll see a lot of eclectic choices.

Eclectic style can be as easy as a mishmash of things you love, but some of us (me me, me!) what a little more guidance. ;)  Here are some popular eclectic pairings, and a couple ideas on how to achieve them: 

Modern Rustic

This is one that really speaks to me.  It's a convergence of modern items (such as atomic chandeliers and smooth chrome) alongside natural wood, rattan and stone.  There is a little sliver of industrial in there, which I love!  PRO TIP: A key facet of this style is layers that are heavy on texture.  You can hang a jute rug behind your art, layer rugs on the floor or toss an extra blanket on the couch.

Eclectic Glam

The ultimate difference between the glam style and eclectic glam is color...and lots of it!  Although the "bones" of eclectic glam stay true to their traditional glamour roots, it's the colors and the textures that make the difference.  It's still rhinestones and velvet, but now it's accented with wicker and jute.  PRO TIP: One of the most popular facets of eclectic decor is a gallery wall - glam it up with mirrored and rhinestoned frames, and keep it from going bohemian by giving your collection a strong, unifying theme.

Minimalist Maximalist

This is the one I see really going the distance.  It seems like an oxymoron, but it really works!  Think maximalist items (showy wallpaper, exuberant collections, wild patterns) but in a minimalist way (one single oversized art piece, a wild floral chair, or a collection of small items contained in a niche).  PRO TIP: The secret to this style is fewer pieces, but each one unique and intentional.  

There are so many great pairings (Minimal Bohemian, Tropical Boho, California Casual, Mod Collector...the list is endless.  Still, I hope this gives you a taste - and maybe you'll see yourself in one of these!

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