Decor Tip: Fall 2022 Decor Trends

It’s the first day of fall, and officially the start of my favorite season!  I LOVE fall in North Idaho. :)  I’m always interested in what the décor trends for the season are, and here is what I found:

Trend 1: Warm Tones

This is a great departure from the stark whites and greys that have been trending for a while now.  The trending color palette is soft and cozy; moss and olive green, rich tans and browns, and warm ecru and  taupe.  There is even a little greige getting in on the action!  Pops of bright berry and mustards are perfect to light everything up.  It’s autumnal, but I can easily see these colors sticking around for a while.  PRO TIP: A great way to warm up a space (on a budget!) is with texture and cozy, hygge elements like soft blankets, shaggy rugs and woven rattan.

Trend 2: Age & Patina

Décor that is layered and shows age is so popular right now.  You can mix antique, vintage and new for a look that tells a story.  Highlight the imperfections!  Imperfect pieces, rust and tarnish show a life lived; and that lovely patina is so rich in colors and textures.  Décor pieces from the 1970s and even the early 1980s are roaring back, and I love seeing how people are working them into their modern décor.  PRO TIP: If you are a thrifter like I am, this is perfect.  Haul out those thrifted finds and show them off! 

Trend 3: Natural Elements

The current infatuation with wood tones isn’t going anywhere!  Look for ways to bring it back into your space with furniture accents, wood frames and natural grasses and jutes.  Even if your home doesn’t show a lot of wood, you can bring it in with décor pieces, art, and even functional items like wood charcuterie trays.  And don’t forget bamboo rugs and runners – they can bring in so much warmth!  PRO TIP: Don’t forget the plants!  Biophilic design is here to stay, and adding some houseplants is a great way to bring the outdoors in.  (And if your thumb is as black as mine, there is always faux plants, too!)

Bonus Trend: Another hot décor trend for fall is dried florals.  These heavily textured arrangements are perfect for the fall season and look great with any décor.  Dried flowers, grasses and other natural elements can be extremely fragile, so you may want to look for a pre-made or custom piece at your local florist.  (And a little florist tip - To keep dried florals looking their best, spritz occasionally with aerosol hairspray.)

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