Decor Tip: Farmhemian Style

I've talked about it before - there is always a transitional period as one very dominant trend starts to fade, and decorators start looking for the next new thing.  There are certainly some people who have the budgets (or perhaps the intestinal fortitude!) to completely revamp their decor to match the ebbs and flows of trends.  Most of us, however, simply look for ways to adapt what we have or allow our rooms to segue naturally as we bring in new items.

It's my belief that the transitional trend will be Farmhemian; a juxtaposition of the rustic softness of Farmhouse style with the bold colors and textures of Bohemian style.  The beauty is that both styles aren't actually the polar opposites they seem; both share a core framework that can make the transition feel seamless.  Not sure?  Let me explain. :)

Core Framework 1: Wood

Both styles rely heavily on wood.  It's rustic enough for farmhouse, yet natural enough for bohemian.  Wood can be in large statement pieces (looking at you, farmhouse table) as well as in more visually textured pieces, like butcher block.  PRO TIP: Wood is resilient; consider stripping white paint off some of your furniture, or replacing portions like tops and legs.  On a smaller budget, look for ways to bring wood in using old doors or windows as decor.

Core Framework 2: Texture

Farmhouse has always been heavily driven by texture (although sometimes blunted by white paint).  It's a great backdrop to bring in those more bohemian elements like macrame (very hot right now!) and jute.  Simply swapping out your rug for a chunky sisal or jute one brings in loads of texture!  PRO TIP: Don't forget wicker!  Lampshades, garbage bins and chandeliers are great places to bring in wicker elements.  You can also change out some of your galvanized metal chicken feeders for wicker baskets, putting you well on your way to Farmhemian.

Core Framework 3: Vintage

Both farmhouse and bohemian LOVE vintage pieces.  Anything worn, aged, and unique works extremely well.  You can start with small pieces and work you way up to items with more impact, like swapping out chairs and large scale art.  PRO TIP: Shop thrift stores!  It's amazing what you can find.  Some pieces are vintage, and some just second-hand, but it's a great resource for finding treasures.


Core Framework 4: Industrial

Another intersection of both styles is industrial elements.  This can be exposed pipes, open ductwork, or wood beams.  Look for utilitarian metal elements!  A great option is swapping out the cabinet hardware for black wrought iron, or replacing fabric lampshades with exposed black wire ones.  PRO TIP: A simple swap is replacing pendant lights with metal "shop" lights.  They are inexpensive and can be sprayed any color.

Core Framework 5: Color

For years, farmhouse was very white, while bohemian was a riot of color.  Pairing the two creates a very balanced color palette that is fun and unique without being chaotic.  Many designers believe white walls creates a solid base that allows for any decor.  Keep the base white and work color in with accent walls, art, rugs, linens and occasional pieces.  PRO TIP: Transitioning out of the limited color range of farmhouse can be a culture shock.  Minimize the jolt by choosing one thing you absolutely love - like a colorful art piece - and pull colors from that to give yourself some structure.

So there you have it - Farmhemian Style!  What do you think?  Will Farmhemian be the next big thing?  Or something else entirely?  You be the judge!

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