Decor Tip: Pinterest Predictions for 2022 - Part I

Pinterest released their 35 (!!!) Predictions for 2022, so I decided to go off script a bit today and share some highlights.  (If you want to see them all, click HERE).  I selected the six I think we will see most in home decor this year. :) I'll share three of them today, and the remaining three in my next newsletter.

Lake it 'til You Make It

Good news for Coeur d'Alene - people are swaying away from the ocean and turning their attention to lakes.  And with that comes renewed interest in lake decor!  Even if you don't live on a lake (or have a handy lake cabin to decorate) a touch of the lakeshore can be a welcome addition to your decor.  PRO TIP: Look for pieces that are less "beachy" and more serene and calming.  Sailboats and shorebirds are both very lake, yet are chic in any setting.

Biophilic Design

I've touched on this one before - plants became EXTREMELY popular during the pandemic, a trend I expect will simply grow.  Filling your space with plants, flowers, and other natural elements is so restful and calming.  And for those of us with black thumbs, there are always options!  (Personally, I have a moss ball named MarMar - I've kept that little guy alive for YEARS.)  PRO TIP: A great fun element is a greenery wall, which is easy to do with squares of faux boxwood or real, dried moss.  Just pick and inset and add your squares - you can even top it with an art piece!

Hellenistic Revival

Now this one was a bit of a surprise - I feel like I usually see these things coming. ;)  Hellenistic is all things Grecian; think columns, busts, marble and raw stone.  I'm very interested to see where this one goes!  PRO TIP: If you want to dabble in Hellenistic decor, look for items with Greek Key trim.  This iconic Grecian pattern is elegant and stately; adding grace to linens, rugs, vases and trays.

Look for the remaining three next week!

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