Decor Tip: Pinterest Predictions for 2022 - Part II

We are continuing with Part II of our Pinterest Picks!  You can see all 35 of their picks HERE).  Last week I shared Lake it 'til you Make It, Biophilic Design and Hellenistic Revival (if you missed it it's on the blog at  And here are the final three highlights!

Limitless Luxe

Pinterest pinners are on the hunt for luxury!  Ideas for adding a little glam in the laundry room are leading the charge, closely followed by luxe garages, children's bedrooms and even basements.  Some of these spaces we don't often think of for luxury.  it's all about wowing your guests - now that we are allowing to socially mingle again!  PRO TIP: Don't get bogged down in trying to do a whole-house-luxe-makeover.  Just hit the highlights for instant glam!  Decant products you use daily into pretty containers (think soaps and powders), and focus on finding attractive containers to control clutter.  Mundane items are more luxe in a pretty package, and everything looks better on a nice tray!

Emotional Escape Rooms

Coming out of the pandemic, this likely isn't a surprise.  People are looking for ways to capture serenity without leaving home!  Each of us a preferred emotional escape (mine is a craft room!), and with a little effort you can create a special space for yourself.  Maybe it's a yoga room, or a place for you to bring in a masseuse.  Or maybe it's a Rage Room - a concept gaining in popularity - where you can work out your aggression!   PRO TIP: If your house won't allow a full room for your emotional escape, try a nook.  You can set up a cozy reading nook in a bedroom or a yoga space in a quiet corner (or a punching bag in a garage corner).

Curve Appeal

I'm super excited about this one - furniture has been too square for too long!  Curved bars and curved couches are seeing a ton of interest, but people are also looking for curved walls, curving decks and even more curves in art.  It's awesome!  PRO TIP: a simple way to bring home some curves are demilune (half round) tables.  It's a simple upgrade to your existing occasional pieces!   Also, many tables offer the option of changing the straight legs for something more curvaceous; just check underneath to see how they are bolted in.    

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