Decor Tip: Returning Trends

Many (many!) years ago I took a sewing class, and the instructor told me that every fashion comes back into vogue on a cycle; her theory was if you stay the course you'll always be in fashion every once in a while.  While I can't say I follow clothing trends enough to know, I've certainly noticed her theory was correct with home decor trends!  There are three formerly "dated" looks that are now exceedingly popular:

Trend 1: Brass
It wasn't too long ago that anything brass was to be avoided at all cost.  Now it's back with a vengeance, and I think it's going to last (at least long enough to justify swapping out a few cabinet handles and perhaps the kitchen faucet).  Even my 40-year-old JC Penney brass lamp is back in fashion!  PRO TIP:  The secret for staying power with brass is to look for pieces that have a rich, deep color and a little patina.  Shiny, bright yellow brass will always look dated.

Trend 2: Avocado Green & Harvest Gold

Seventies decor buffs like myself never got over our collective love of avocado and gold!  But for most people, it can be a tricky combo in today's world.  I've seen it used successfully in two ways - tied together with lots of bright colors in a boho style, or updated to more of a botanical green and sunny yellow.  Either one can be a stunning option!  PRO TIP: Just because a certain color trend is in fashion doesn't mean you need to redo the colors in your entire home.  Look for ways to bring trendy colors in with a base of neutrals - that way you won't be redecorating as soon as the winds shift.

Trend 3: Black & White

Straight black and white decor comes and goes, and I always wonder why.  Black paired with white is timeless and can fit into almost any style!  I'm currently loving all the black walls I'm seeing in magazines and online.  Once a color relegated to goth teenagers and nightclubs, it's now coming into popularity.  It's awesome, and even works great with small rooms!  PRO TIP: While a dramatic combination, it can be jarring.  One way of minimizing "noise" is to focus on large expanses.  Instead of a two-tone couch or rugs, choose one color for the whole thing.  Same with walls - go big or go home! 

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