Decor Tip: Sparking Joy in the Home you Have!

People spent a lot of time at home during the pandemic.  A LOT of time.  Some of us became homebodies, some adopted animals, and others became crazy plant ladies.  However you coped, that time at home made many of us take a good hard look at our spaces.  And the one thing I keep hearing is "I don't even know where to start!" 

Full remodels aren't always necessary (or budget friendly!).  Just start in one little spot - it will make you feel so much better!  Here are a couple ideas for immediate impact, and on a budget, too. :)

Idea 1: Look for the Low-Hanging Fruit

A saw this idea recently in a decorating webinar.  The low-hanging fruit is the easiest to grab, and gives the quickest gratification.  In a single afternoon you can make a difference in your home!  It's amazing what one single thing can do.  I recently swapped my two vintage living room chairs with each other, and I'm shocked at the difference every time I walk through.  Maybe it's tidying up, decluttering, or changing things out.  It makes an impact!  PRO TIP: I love oversize artwork.  And simply moving it around the house changes an entire room!  The canvas in the dining room becomes a leaner on the dresser, the print in my bathroom moves to the living room, etc.  (And as a bonus, it keeps my husband guessing.)

Idea 2: Look for Nooks

Painting an entire room can be daunting.  Painting (or wallpapering) a single wall or nook is a simple afternoon project, and the visual payoff is immense!  Of you don't have a nook, consider the back of bookshelves, the end-cap of your kitchen cabinets or a door or two.  PRO TIP: Resist the urge to only paint a shade or two darker, or do a subtle alteration.  This is the time to be brave!  Go dark.  Try bold wallpaper.  Sample a bright fabric.  It's a small space, so you can go all out without it taking over the room!

Idea 3: Mini Makeovers

Instead of trying to replace every piece of furniture, choose a single piece and give it a makeover!  I have small decor items that I've re-painted half a dozen times, and they look different every time.  You can slipcover a couch or chair, re-paint a furniture piece or add transfers to jazz up something you already have.  It makes such a difference!  PRO TIP: For an even quicker solution, change out a few pillow covers or toss a new throw over the couch or a chair.  Instant fresh look!

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