Decor Tip: Spring Porch Decor

I love porch decor!  It always looks so nice as I pull into the driveway each night.  Changing it up with the seasons is an easy way to freshen it up (and a great excuse to give it a quarterly cleaning).  Here are some ideas for a fun spring update (on a budget!).

Idea 1: Layered Rugs

This has got to be one of the hottest trends in porch decor right now.  Instead of just a simple doormat, add a larger rug underneath for color and pizzaz!  The bottom rug should be a simple pattern (stripes and geometrics work especially well), then you can layer a mat on top.  PRO TIP: Because it has a frame, this is a great way to use a mat with a funny phrase that won't take over your whole design.  People love comedic door mats!

Idea 2: Statement Piece

No matter what you are decorating, you should always have a "wow" moment to attract the eye.  Maybe it's an art piece or a big color pop.  Or it could be a unique large-scale decor item or a great plant.  Whatever you use, it should be eye-catching a little dramatic!  PRO TIP: No need to break the bank on something pricey - look around the house and see what you can reuse!  I've seen amazing wow pieces using old bicycles, teacarts, or even old ladders.  There are so many options!  I loved this photo of the old chair seat replaced with primroses. :)

Idea 3: Always a Sign

I've seen the affection for the porch leaner come and go over the years, but I still think a sign definitely has a home on the porch.  You can easily work a fun sign into a display.  Chalkboard options are always fun, and you can change the wording with the seasons.  PRO TIP: One trend I'm seeing is integrating the "sign"  into the display.  For example, you could have a large flower pot and stencil the word "welcome" on the side.  It's a great way to include lettering in a fresh way

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