Decor Tip: Styling Nightstands

Styling your nightstand can be deceptively tricky.  It's usually a small space, and often requires non-negotiable-yet-totally-necessary items that aren't terribly decorative.  I've been decorating and redecorating mine for years - someday it may be done! :D  Here are a few tips I've found helpful:

Tip 1: Let the Light Shine

The number one thing a nightstand always needs is a light source.  Fortunately, there are a number of choices from lamps to sconces (if your horizontal surface is especially small, moving the light to the wall is extremely helpful).  If you like to read in bed, always test the height of the light source while you are in bed to make sure it's to your liking.  PRO TIP: No power for a sconce?  Hang it anyway and add a battery operated puck light!

Tip 2: Go Green

Plants and flowers are always welcome on nightstands, even if they are faux.  There is just something about the natural, organic element that makes them look so inviting and fresh!  PRO TIP: if you opt for live plants, good low-light (and low maintenance) options are Sansevieria, Chinese Evergreen and Pothos.

Tip 3: Add Art

Every nightstand needs art!  To make a cohesive display, art should be kept low beside or tucked behind the lamp.  Leaning small art and framed photos against the wall is a fun look, too.  PRO TIP: Designers always put books on nightstands, and they make stellar risers if your plants, vases, lamps or framed photos are too short.


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