Decor Tip: Styling Tiered Trays

One thing that is absolutely having a moment right now is tiered trays.  I've seen these done for SO many occasions, holidays and uses - and they are really fun!  Generally two or three tiered, it's an easy way of working with a collection of small items so they don't feel like clutter.  Although you can go a myriad of ways with these, I always think a few basic "rules" will make sure they come out looking cute and not chaotic.

Step One: The Thriller

The "Thriller" is your focal element - that one item that will grab your attention and set the tone for the whole display.  It might be eye-catching due to color, or subject matter, or maybe it's a little larger than everything else.  Whatever you choose needs to stand out and hold it's own!  PRO TIP: To make sure your thriller piece doesn't get lost, make sure it rises over the lip of the tray.  If needed, you can put something under it to give it a bit of a boost...I use jar lids. :)

Step Two: The Spiller

Whenever you "spill" something over the side of the tiers, it visually breaks the line of the container and makes the whole display more dynamic.  You can use beads, trailing greenery, thin garlands - the options are endless!  PRO TIP: Sometimes gravity ensures your spiller will just keep spilling - right off the edge of the tray.   If your tray is metal magnets work beautifully, otherwise a heavy coaster can keep items in place (and give a bit of a boost).  If you are using greenery, you can wire it to the center post to make sure it stays where you want it.

Step Three: The Filler

The filler is what ties the whole look together!  “Filler” can be small objects (signs are always at home on tiered trays) and greenery - always greenery.  Little faux plants and flowers make everything look so homey!  PRO TIP: Fabric also makes a great "tie-it-all-together" filler - you can use anything from cut pieces of calico to vintage hankies depending on your theme.  Fabric can also bring in a nice streak of color!

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