Decor Tip: Tablescapes

As we approach fall, many people use the opportunity to update their seasonal tablescapes in preparation of upcoming entertaining.  Of all the seasons for decorating, fall is my favorite.  The rich colors, the organic shapes of gourds, the riotous tones of turning leaves and the textures - yum!  There are so may great directions to go with decor this time of year, and I always like starting any transition with my table.  Here are a few tips to get your tablescape started for the upcoming season!

Tip 1: Pick a Theme

Interior designers always recommend avoiding themes in decor; it's so easy to tire of what you've chosen.  That's what makes tablescapes so incredibly fun - they're transient anyway, so theme away!  You almost can't go to bold or two far in tablescaping. ;) PRO TIP: Nothing is off limits - once you've chosen your theme, go through the house and see what fits.  I've used all sorts of things in tablescapes; rusty wagons, children's toys, vintage suitcases, foraged sticks, even a fun old cookie tin once.  There aren't any rules!

Tip 2: Create your Base

The base of your tablescape is so important, and something I often see forgotten.  Choosing something to "ground" your tablescape is what keeps it from looking like a collection of random objects.  You can use linens, faux foliage, scarves, trays and even charcuterie boards.  PRO TIP: Push the boundaries!  I love seeing linens that drape all the way to the floor on each end of the table, or stretch across on a diagonal.  You can also use a row of trays or boards and show off your whole collection.

Tip 3: Layer it Up

When creating your tablescape, think about layers and depth.  I like the juxtaposition of tall and short, narrow and wide, straight and curved.  This pulls the eye from element to element.  As a florist, we often did floral centerpieces that had a taller narrow vase and a few small cups to augment the main arrangement.  It really spreads out the look!  PRO TIP: Risers are a wonderful thing.  They add height and weight, and can add to the theme.  I love books, tins, and boxes, but you can also use kitchen scales, candlesticks, cake stands and even upside-down bowls.  Sometimes all you pieces need is a boost!

Bonus Tip: Don't forget to add light sources!  Candles are standard, but you can also add fairy lights, small lamps and even lanterns.  There are so many battery options now (I just saw rechargeable light bulbs online!), so you don't even need to worry about a power source anymore.   And don't forget about those closet puck lights - stashing those in your display can give the perfect little pockets of light. :)   

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