Design Tip: Warm Minimalism

The #1 decorating trend I'm seeing for 2022 is the idea of "Warm Minimalism."  Minimalist decor is not new, but it's often very sterile with lots of white and is usually quite spartan.  Warm Minimalism is the polar opposite of cold and sterile - it's warm, inviting and restful...just perfect for January.  When I think of Warm Minimalism I'm always reminded of the Scandinavian term Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), which basically means cozy!  Here are a few ways to embody Warm Minimalism into your decor:
Tip 1: Just the Essentials
I think people see minimalism and panic.  You don't have to get rid of everything you own!  As you look over your rooms, strip them down to the essentials.  Often we keep furniture pieces because they came in a set, or you really loved them once upon a time (of thought you did!).  Really examine items you own and determine if they have a purpose.  Minimalism isn't get rid of needed items - it's needing the items you keep.  PRO TIP: We all have items we have to have, but simply aren't decorative (looking at you, tv remote).  Give them a home using trays, boxes, or drawers to cut the clutter.
Tip 2: Invite Warmth
Bringing in cozy items and textures will really bring warm minimalism home.  Think blankets, rugs, candles, lamps and pillows.  Mixing textures and soft colors instantly warms a room, and gives you a restful place to spend time.  PRO TIP: Wood is always a restful color and texture, and very on trend for 2022!
Tip 3: Bring the Outdoors In
Every warm minimalist interior I see always have greenery.  Fresh or faux, it's such a beautiful accent.  Think large branches in simple glass cylinders, small pots of leaves and of course houseplants and indoor trees.  Nothing softens and warms a space quite like living things!  PRO TIP: If you have a yard, you can harvest clippings from your own property.  If not, florists sell a lovely selection (ask for sturdy greens that will last, like ruscus and boxwood)...and you can always find "roadsidia" in the wild. ;)

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